Thursday, August 24, 2006

September Rush

The -BER months are slowly moving into the calendar, and of course, this thought gave me a sudden rush... Only three more months and I'll be Mrs. Enrique Pineda Jr.! I thought this feeling faded away for good, because my work has been ruling over my schedule and mind for the past weeks. But while I was on my way to the office this morning, I suddenly daydreamed (bad bad!) about what will happen in our wedding. I imagined myself wearing that special dress, walking down the aisle, seeing my beloved Enrique waiting for me at the altar... *Sigh*

What probably brought me "back to reality" was when Nikko called me up and asked me if I already have the fabric for my gown. I must have read his mind because prior to receiving his text, I thought about the fabric and immediately phoned Marj. She told me that my order will come anytime this week, and that she'll tell me if it arrives.

So anyway, I looked at my list of To-Do's, and I was mildly shocked, though expecting it, that September will be a month full of... payments. Yep. Remaining balance to be paid to Fernwood, Next batch of downpayment to Tet (during measurement-taking this Sept. 2), second payment to Veluz, payment of the fabric, etc...

I told Enrique about these payables, as well as getting our baptismal and confirmation certificates, as well as the CENOMAR for both of us. He assured me that he'll ask someone to secure these for us.

This month I also plan to meet up with JJS Entertainment to talk about our list of songs. Mr. Santos told me before that we should meet early so that if ever there is a song we wanted that is not in their playlist, they will try to learn how to play it. I will also discuss with him some of the concerns that may arise (you know, just to be on the safer side since there are a lot of concerns commented by other brides). Of course, no name-dropping hahaha. Besides, I don't know which names to drop anyway. Tehehe.

I think it's also about time to meet our emcee, Ms. Mallory Cosio, for the first time. I will probably ask our coordinator, Kay & Co, to go to that meeting so we can discuss the whole program. Well, an option is to just wait for Enrique, since I know he would want to be part of that meeting and decision-making.

In the meantime, I am eagerly anticipating the delivery of my gown's fabric, and the measurement-taking of our entourage. For the first time, I would be gathering them, you know, to have some light chit chats and ask for their thoughts on their dresses and all.

3 months to go! :D


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