Wednesday, August 09, 2006

4 Months To Go!

Is it just me, or is it really normal that 4 months before the wedding, brides tend to be too relaxed?

I know, I have prepared for our wedding 1 1/2 years before our wedding date. However, all I did was book suppliers and think of how we can incorporate our autumn in December theme. The colors to use, the kind of centerpieces for the tables, the menu, the flowers, the cake, the design of my gown and the entourage’s, etc... Wait a minute... I did do a lot of things already! Hahaha.

But then again, I still feel that I’m being too relaxed. I haven’t done much for the past weeks, except to reserve for our hotel accommodation and order dupioni silk from Marj (for my gown).

Oh well... Maybe I really deserve some rest after doing most of the preps on my own. What I need to do next month (hahaha, not this month!) is secure our baptismal and confirmation certificates, as well as CENOMAR. Oh yeah, my fittings, as well as the entourage’s. The rest...Enrique promised to take care of. Yipee!

I thought of printing the invites already next month, but Enrique told me he wants to be here to finalize the invites and all. And he’s coming back mid-October. Will it be too late? Hmm... I’d probably ask V-Craft the timetable.

But for now… I’ll just sit back and relax. :D


At 6:30 PM, Blogger mai said...

hi sis!

naalala ko tuloy sarili ko last you, there's a point talaga na super relaxed from preps. Para bang kahit na marami pang aasikasuhin, you seem don't mind. ala lang. hehe! hmmm..."letting go in the middle of wed preps"?


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