Friday, July 21, 2006

Wedding Nightmare?

Last night I had a dream about our wedding... and it was a disaster! Weird one, but still a disaster.

First, my gown wasn't delivered on time, so there was an odd feeling between me and the designer. Then, for some reason, it was Tet Hagape who amde up our parents and my sister, and it was nasty! Good thing Angie Cruz was there and made them up. Then, the Chapel wasn't St. Francis in Fernwood, but another one. There was also a concern on my bridal march, that it didn't go well as well...

But there was one thing in my dream that was something... In the dream, even though the day was a complete horrific disaster, Enrique and I were still happy and overwhelmed with our feelings of love and joy. *Sigh*

Anyway, just an update on our wedding preps... We already have reservations for hotel accommodations in Discovery Suites. :D


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