Monday, July 24, 2006

Date with Marj

Last Saturday, I had lunch with former w@wie Marj (of Carlos) so that I could give to her the swatch of the fabric for my gown. She signed off from the w@w community to pursue a business in selling scrapbook and hand-made paper, as well as different fabrics (ergo she is calssified as a "supplier").

Anyway, it was fun seeing her again. We talked about my wedding preps and how near our big day is. We also talked about how well her business is doing. And of course, other chikas, hehehe. You know, about suppliers and all.

Recently there has been some disappointments I felt towards the whole wedding preps thing, and I'm so grateful that former brides shared my sentiments and understood my concerns. Maybe I should learn to be detached and just be civil/cordial to suppliers so that I would not be too disappointed with them. It's quite hard when you get to trust suppliers who in the end might not live up to your expectations, or somewhere along the process disappoint you. But I guess it really is part of the whole experience of being a bride.

But in the meantime, it's safe to say that I am still quite happy with the list of suppliers that we got. Maybe the pressure will set in when the "2-months to go" will be breached. But by that time, Enrique will be here to share with me the last few wedding preparations, up until our big day.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger gracita said...

hi van! i've been there too...along the way, may mga suppliers talaga who will disappoint you. good thing we have friends who are fellow brides or have been brides and went through the same things para we can share our problems and realize normal lang pala yun.

don't worry, i know you've been working hard for YOUR DAY and i'm sure in the end, everything will turn out great :)

take care!!


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