Wednesday, June 21, 2006

JJS: Jittery Jittery Strings?

For our wedding, it is important for us that our music / strings provider will perform really well. We believe that having good music will somehow set the right mood not only for the reception but for the ceremony as well.

Last year I have carefully thought of which group to get, and during that time, one of the promising music providers is JJS Entertainment. I initially wanted the group of Bernie Pasamba. However, his rates are a little too expensive, about 5k++ more than JJS.

Enrique and I then decided to meet both the heads of these groups at the same day (on different times of course). We found Mr. John Santos (JJS) more warming and easier to talk to, not to mention the fact that his rates are really good, and his list of celebrity clients are quite impressive. So after a week, we have decided to book JJS.

Since the beginning of this year however, I have been concerned about JJS, as I have been reading and hearing a lot of negative feedbacks about them: tardiness, arrangements not being followed, different singers coming in, not replying when given feedbacks, etc.

I guess I have to closely keep in touch with JJS and raise to Mr. Santos my concerns, without referring to the negative ratings I have read/heard.

I really really hope that come our wedding day, things will go smoothly. I’m not really that demanding a bride, and most likely during our big day Enrique and I would be in Cloud 9 to care, but if I do notice anything unpleasant, it will mean that performance is that bad.


At 5:02 AM, Blogger alynn said...

hi vaness, i got JJS for our wedding and i guess you already read my supplier rating...with John kasi, ive observed that he is makakalimutin...when we changed the song for our first dance, he said he got my message and will tell the singer nga about the change...anyway, came wedding day, d naman nasunod yun...i suggest that you talk to John a week b4 ur wedding to remind him of the songs and THEN talk to ur coord to talk to the singer on your wedding day para masunod talga mga songs...

At 1:23 PM, Blogger mai said...

hi van!

yep yep me too, i heard disappointing comments of them kaya sis, better kung take extra precautions talaga..siguro mas maigi if you put into writing every details you discuss kasi mahirap na.

had senti groove for our wedding..during the preps, i was concerned kasi daming negative feedbacks din sa w@w. what i did was naging particular talaga ako with them..thank goodness..they delivered well naman nung wedding and exceeded pa our expectations. Our singers were changed but to our advantage kasi upgrade ang nangyari..yung best group nila ang dumating. :D


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