Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wedding Preps... zzzzz....


I think I need to wake up and continue with our wedding preps! These past few weeks, I have done nothing much, thanks to the thinking that "it's still 7 months away anyway."

But yesterday I had this desire to do some wedding preps again. This was probably because for a couple of days I was virtually glued to my bed... I had a dental operation that left me slightly disfigured that I could hardly speak and eat. Spending idle time in my bed made me think where have I been lagging and all...

I thought of a couple of things to do, and my plans so far are:

1. First fitting with Veluz. The cacha is already available, but my first appointment was cancelled because I had to go to Cebu. Now Veluz is busy, but hopefully before the month ends, I could fit the cacha, and order the silk dupioni / thai silk from Marj (of Carlos).

2. Talk to JJS regarding list of songs.

3. Have a meeting with Mallory Cosio, our host for the reception. You know, just a little get to know so at least during the reception she knows something about us. Hehehe.

4. Discuss with Josiah's regarding the cake details (and also some things that needs to be ironed out).

5. Call / go to Mt. Carmel and clarify some procedures, e.g. pre-cana requirements, when the 50% will be paid, the banns, permission from parish forms, etc...

Whew.... reservations have been made, now it's time for the details...


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