Saturday, May 28, 2005

Quest for the Perfect Gown

Thank goodness Enrique already has a signal in India! I could hardly wait to talk to him and tell him the latest updates I have got so far. Kaye, a fellow w@wie, suggested that I check out the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart as an alternative venue for our wedding rites, and I think they have a more flexible arrangement than Sanctuario de San Antonio. It’s too bad, because our primary venue is SSA, but due to their schedule, I'm afraid we have to look for a new one.

But in the meantime, while waiting for dear Enrique’s call, I am browsing through potential designs for my gown, and of course, Vera Wang designs are the top choices for me. Here are the two that I have chosen so far.

Vera Wang design 1

Vera Wang design 2

I also checked out InStyle Weddings a couple of months ago, while I was on the “dreaming” stage, and found this simple design nice too…

From Instyle Weddings


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