Friday, May 20, 2005

The Countdown Begins!

I should have made this wedblog some two months ago, but it's ok... I'm getting married!

I actually prefer that this blog be created with Enrique present, but that is a little too impossible as he is now somewhere in the high seas going to India. I hope my dear h2b is doing great...

Anyway, what have we done so far in making our dream of being united come true? Well, more on scouting for the right place to stay, checking out suppliers for the W-day itself, as well as budgeting our funds. Very stressful indeed.

Our target date is anywhere within 2006, but I'm feeling the pressure already. Twice that is, because Enrique is not here to help! Thank goodness for the internet though, I think finding information alleviates the pressure (though sometimes getting the rates even adds to the pressure!).

All for now, but yes... the countdown begins!


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Pia said...

hi, fellow w@wie here! =) no need to feel disheartened because your h2b is away - we've had a long distance relationship for 7 years and we're managing naman to plan a wedding even if my hubby is in another part of the world... the wonders of internet talaga hahaha! enjoy your wedding preps!


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