Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Finally! Enrique and his family went to our house for the pamamanhikan. We had planned this ever since he came back from work (November 2005), but it kept on being moved due to the holidays and also the request of his mom (she needed to go to the dentist and work on her teeth, hehehe).

His family consisted of: Enrique, his mom, brother, sister, and niece.

My family consisted of: Me, my Mom & Dad, my sister, 2 brothers, Lola, Ninang (from Canada), Tito, Tita and cousin, whew... a lot from my side!

Pineda - Martinez family

I invited my Grandma since she is the same age as Enrique's mom - for conversation purposes (good thing I did, they went along really well). My Ninang was there too since she will be part of our primary sponsors. Both of them stayed in my Uncle's house, so I invited them too because my Uncle was the one who brought my Ninang and Grandma to our place.

Gift from my Ninang

Anyway, everything went well. The morning of, we even had a little drama, to the point that we questioned whether we should continue with our wedding plans or not. Good thing we came to our senses... we became even more in love with one another during and after the pamamanhikan.

We went a little modern, because instead of Enrique's family cooking and bringing the food, we hired a caterer to do the job. What we did was when Enrique's family arrived, that was the time that the caterer set up the buffet -- at least it signified his family bringing the food to our home.

The food! Yum yum!

*Sigh* I'm so happy because now everything is formalized. The only thing that is bringing me down a bit is that Enrique will be leaving first week of March. I just try to think that t's ok, and the next time we meet, I will be officially known as Mrs. Enrique Pineda Jr...

Now that is something I am really looking forward to. :-D


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