Thursday, September 22, 2005

Meeting With Ento Gown Designer

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted about wedding preps...

Anyway, I just got home from a meeting with Eric Garcia, my prospect entourage gown designer. Along with me is my Mom and my sister, so they could help me finalize the look of and colors to be used for the gowns. The meeting went quite well. Eric sketched two designs for my mom, and both looked really nice!

There was some difficulty with regard to the colors of the gowns, as my sister was unsure whether she should have a burgundy colored gown or a light orange-yellow ochre-ish one. But here are the following colors which will be used for our entourage:

1. Maid of Honor - Burgundy or Light Orange/Yellow Ochre-ish
2. Bridesmaids - Light Orange/Yellow Ochre-ish or Burgundy
3. Secondary Sponsors - Beige (unsure yet though)
4. Flower Girls - Beige with Burgundy Sash as accent
5. Primary Sponsors - Matte Gold
6. Mother of the Bride - Two Colors of Green
7. Mother of the Groom - Unsure yet but this might be Light Earthy Yellow (to be finalized when Eric meets my MIL2b)

Other Wedding Preps Matters:

1. I'm supposed to meet up with Christine of Out of the Box this Saturday, but we decided to reschedule.
2. I got to talk to the wife of Alex Franco and she confirmed to me that we are pencil-booked and will meet up before the year ends.


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